Happy Anniversary to us!


It's official!  We have a teenager.  A teenage marriage, that is.  Thirteen years.  How does time manage to be so strange - seems like just yesterday, but I can't seem to really remember a time when we weren't married. 

Kevin and I had a wonderful anniversary getaway.  It was honestly the best anniversary I can remember us celebrating in a number of years.  Mom and Dad graciously took the kids from Fri-Sun.  We drove down to Orlando to help my mom with some things at the house and to check on her.  Once we finished, we changed at Mom's house and headed out to dinner at Chatham's Place.  Kevin said he had cross-referenced a number of lists - best steaks, most romantic restaurants, Zagat ratings, Yelp, etc. and he eventually settled on this place.  It reminded me of an older styled Italian restaurant.  Dark wood, burgundy and deep green, lots of wine bottles everywhere, men who have worked at the restaurant for 10-20 years.  The food was delicious!

We went from dinner to our hotel.  Kevin had used some points to get us a room at the Waldorf in Orlando and because of our (Kevin's) status, we got an unsolicited upgrade to a Disney facing room- and we actually saw fireworks from our window.  Later we went to the bar/lounge to have drinks and just relax. 


We slept in the next day and then went to Disney.  We managed to hit three parks without feeling rushed or anything.  Strangely enough, we realized that it was our first time going with just the two of us.  We went to EPCOT to eat our way around the World Showcase.  After a quick stop at Test Track (I never get to go because I'm typically staying behind with Cameron), we started at Mexico and made our way to Canada within about two hours.  I have to admit, I wasn't as impressed as I thought I'd be but I think that's because the last time we at at EPCOT was during the Food and Wine Festival.  Our favorite of the day was the fish and chips, which might have been the best ones we've had since we were in London.


A fun surprise came at the United States pavilion where an older gentleman wished us a Happy Anniversary (we were wearing our buttons) and told us to go over to a box in the corner of the room and dial a particular number.  On the line we heard Mickey wish us a Happy Anniversary.  Seriously, we love Disney's little touches.  Then he gave us a certificate to commemorate the day.


We left EPCOT to head over to Hollywood Studios for a quick ride on Toy Story! Mania.  Alas, the wait was 3 hours (which meant more like 90 or so) and having offered to ride one roller coaster that weekend, I was actually a little disappointed to find out that the wait for the Aerosmith roller coaster was about the same.  We ended up in the animation studio area for the class on how to draw a character.  It was nice because we had never done it before and it was something we wanted to check out before taking the kids in.


We left the park and headed back to the hotel while trying to find out where we'd like to go to dinner.  We didn't have any luck at the park restaurants so we thought we'd check Celebration when we realized that there was a Columbia Restaurant there and we decided that was really the only option for us!  We love it.  We ate at the one in St. Augustine while searching for a bed & breakfast to stay at for our honeymoon, again on our honeymoon and subsequent anniversary trips.  We tried things from the menu that we hadn't had before and supplemented it with the famous 1905 salad.  Our waiter, who had really been terrible, redeemed himself by bringing us complementary flan and a musician to serenade us.


After dinner, we went to Magic Kingdom to catch the fireworks, projection show, a couple of rides and to see the man who works with glass.  We watched him work on a castle and a glass slipper for about 45 minutes.  I've always loved watching people work with glass.  I miss when they used to have a glass-blower at the Italy pavilion in Epcot.

Sunday was sleeping in, breakfast buffet (complete with honey dripping from a honeycomb, prosciutto, omelet bar and the works), walking around the resort, a corn hole match, and then a trip to IKEA.  Because what trip to Orlando is complete without a trip to IKEA?

Thankful for my husband.  Beyond thankful.  And I'm thankful for 48 hours of blissful time celebrating with him.  There are times you need a getaway and this was one of those times for us.  I'm so thankful!



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