Sigh of relief

I often joke that "the talk" is so far off for Caleb (even though I know it's really not) and that it's Caitlyn that we have to worry about. Here's just a case in point. On Sunday, our pastor was talking about God's will in our lives and made a statement to the effect that, in all likelihood the path that we're pursuing is in God's will - unless it's working in the pornography industry or recruiting for Ole Miss football. Caleb looked at me with a very puzzled expression and began to ask a question. I simply told him, "We'll talk about it later." Once we got outside Caleb, who was noshing pretty good on his post-church muffin, said, "Mom, there was something I wasn't sure about in the service." I braced myself for the possibility of having to explain what pornography was when he asked, "Mom, why was he talking about Ole Miss football?" Sigh of relief. "Well, Pastor Rob is from Mississippi State and feels toward Ole Miss what we feel toward Florida State. We'd probably joke that people promoting Florida State aren't working for God's glory either."



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