Sometimes you sit in church and the pastor's sermon drives home a lesson that the Lord has been working in your heart for a while.  Sometimes the sermon plants a seed of a lesson that the Lord is planning on working in your heart soon, but you just don't know it yet.  The latter is what happened to me this past Sunday.  I didn't know it until Tuesday or Wednesday.  And it's Friday now - well, technically it's Saturday- and I feel like I've learned it more but I'm sure I'll need to learn it again. 

On Sunday our pastor finished his series on Philippians (which I love) and he quoted Sinclair Ferguson.  He said, "'Christian contentment' is the direct fruit of having no higher ambition than to belong to the Lord and to be totally at his disposal in the place He appoints, at the time He chooses, with the provision He is pleased to make."

Can I get an amen?

I CAN do all things (with contentment) through Christ who strengthens me.  And I was feeling contented, for the most part, until a string of events this week which left me feeling very discontented.  Not with anything material. Nothing I could buy, wear, live in, show off.  Something very intangible.  But very near to my heart.  And as things felt as though they might unravel, I could fall back on the sermon, the quote...the Scripture.

God is good.

Oh, and yes, it's been a long time.  And every time I say that, I say I'll also be better about blogging again.  It's kind of my version of being still.  Okay, more like journaling, I guess - I'm not so good at stillness.  Life gets busy.  I need to un-busy it!



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